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Erin Mills, Mississauga, ON.

Manon H. Lefebvre

Professional Dog Stylist

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Dog grooming in Erin Mills, Mississauga.

Bring in your four-legged furry friend for a spa like treatment in the comfort of my home...

As a dog lover, I understand the importance of what it takes to properly care for an animal.  Dogs are vulnerable pets that do not understand why they need their hair to be cut, their nails to be trimmed or to get a bath.  They can be scared or even terrified!  This is why they need to be in a safe, quiet, cage-free environment that promotes tranquility, trust and loving care.  Taking the time that is needed for your dog to be as stress free as possible makes it as pleasant an experience as possible for its well-being.  It also brings peace of mind to you, the owner, to know that I have only one dog at a time in my salon, focusing on the time we have together, taking breaks if needed to make sure the dog is comfortable.  It brings me great peace of mind that you put your trust in my hands.  Every dog is treated as if it was my very own.

I am a member of the National Groomer Association of Canada

  • Treating all pets humanely and with great respect 
  • Maintaining a high standard of professional service 
  • Educating myself and the public in regard to the proper care    of their animals 
  • Ensuring a safe working environment 
  • Operating legally in Ontario 
  • Respecting the environment so as not to pollute the planet